About that “Swimsuit Season”


It’s that time of the year again, where every person faces the inevitable questions,

“Are you ready for Summer?”

“Beach trip?”

” Want to go to Target and get new Bathing Suits?”

“So, about that New Years Resolution of getting in shape,  ehh?”

I don’t know about you, but after dealing with a busy school and work schedule, my ability to remain loyal to a gym regime has failed. The sad truth is that I have allowed my busy schedule to alter my commitment. Rather than be motivated to become best friends with that fitness machine, I am fully committed to being yin and yang with my bed, for I spend more quality time with that than my own dogs.

After finding more difficulty going up a simple flight of stairs and not even being able to keep up with my former energetic self (Let’s be real: traveling from the couch to the kitchen does not count as an acceptable calorie burner), I’ve come to terms that I really do need to hit the gym. Not to mention, does any other Twenty-something year old hate the fact that even older women with children have more bangin’ bodies than we do? Thank you JLO, Beyonce and Shakira for reminding me that I am simply not living up to par.

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I’m going to ignore the fact that Summer has already begun and embark on my newfound fitness journey. With some motivation to have that “Summer Body,” it is time to finally getting around to making a healthy, active regime on top of my To-Do List.

Here’s my cycle of how I, a self-proclaimed workaholic and dedicated student, have begun my journey to having that active regime I’ve always wanted….

Every morning you find yourself believing the mirror is simply playing games with you (Is that indeed my current appearance?)


Insert a state of denial in which you try to convince yourself it’s all just a funny joke:


But then finding yourself out of breath after playing with your dogs and going up the flight of stairs you have dealt with your whole life:


Realizing that maybe you are not quite “Swimsuit Season” Ready:


Before you know it, your mind becomes fixated on getting that body you have always procrastinated:


Envisioning your dream become a reality:


Choose to begin taking baby steps on this new goal:


Convince yourself that it’s time to return to the gym after taking a long leave of absence:


Go to the gym and all you see is:


Then you’re like:


Go home and reevaluate things, only to become more motivated (AKA: Watch out people! It’s gonna happen!)


Feeling happy that you are not giving up:


Being covered in sweat and just being like:


Then wake up the next day, not being able to move:


Consider giving up:


Sticking with the “Let’s just be portion savvy”


“Portion Control” turns into:


Watching TV and all you see is:


Back to the gym you go:


If you’re like me and trying to return to that active lifestyle or simply just starting a fitness regime, always remember that even when you’re 80 there’s always Jazzercise. We can do this!

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