Meatless Mondays

Call me superficial, but I actually like to abide by the “Meatless Monday” Trend. Now I’m by no means a certified vegetarian, but there are days when I am really not in the mood for meat.

I tend to like scouting for local healthy spots and, recently, I found my  new favorite place to indulge in veggie goodness. It’s appropriately called “The Veggie Grill.” Now I’m a sucker for salads and anything with avocado, so being presented with this bowl was like a gift from the Food Gods.


I was also excited to discover that they offered Mac and Cheese with vegan cheese. I have been lactose intolerant my whole life, so vegan cheese is not only easy on my stomach, but tastes just as delicious as regular cheese (Avoid the eye rolling you cheese lovers). So  being the food junkie that I am, I ordered both and found myself in food paradise.

I can be the victim of sweets and other junk food indulgences (Here’s to you Macarons… which I may or may not have ate all of today… Please don’t judge me), but I really do enjoy eating healthy.


The purpose of my blog isn’t to transform into another typical, food blog, but I think it could be fun to post some of my healthy meals on here. I like to look at food pictures on a daily basis, so I figured why not share my pictures. Plus this gives me a reason for taking pictures of all my delicious meals, simple because I love to look at them when I’m hungry and remind my stomach of the yumminess it welcomed.

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