Lazy Girl’s Guide to Be Rid of Boredom

Ever have those days where you feel like your day is in a rut? The weather is great, you’re lounging around in your house when you realize one simple thing: You’re completely bored.

Your mind is going back and forth over things you could possibly do, but the sad truth is that you’re too lazy to do any of it.

We’ve all had our lazy moments, but how can we have fun if we are both bored and lazy?

Here are my ideas to alleviate the doom that is boredom, but none that require enough energy to actually do much of anything:

 1. Color 

I don’t know about you, but being an adult is a full-time job. Who says you have to be an adult 24/7? If you’re able to channel your inner child for a moment, all your responsibilities, deadlines and nonstop stress can hide in the back of your mind. Break out those art supplies and color your worries away!


FYI: How about a Ryan Gosling coloring book?Just because you’re acting like a “kid” for the moment, doesn’t mean you can’t imagine what your future husband will look like when you return to being an adult.

2. Make a Vision Board 


We all have dreams, goals and aspirations, so what better way than to express them in a creative  way? You know you have that pile of old magazines collecting dust in your home, so why not break them out, grab a pair of scissors, and cut out everything that represents you! You’ll not only embrace your inner Picasso, but you’ll find yourself more motivated to make your dreams come true and be the badass chick that you are!

3. Go outside. No really. 

So it’s 2:00 p.m. and your hair is a mess and you’re still rocking your pi’s. Does this mean you have to trap yourself in the four walls of your home? Go outside! We spend too much time hooked on our tv’s, computers, smart phones and every other technology device. Grab a chair, sit in the sun and sip on a cold lemonade! Get a tan (if the weather allows it of course). Take pictures, but with an actual camera (Your phone would like a nap time too you know)! Actually SEE what’s around you! You’d be surprised to know how easy it can be to take your own backyard for granted.

4. Go Through Your Closet (No cleaning required) 


Okay so cleaning when you’re in lazy mode isn’t necessarily the most ideal way to rid your boredom. Let’s just take a moment to emphasize one crucial fact:  Who said anything about cleaning?

Sure you could declutter your closet, but why not have a fashion show in your room? Try on all your clothes and see what cute outfits  you can make? You won’t believe how many clothes actually exist in your closet begging for attention.  Who knows, this might even help you with figuring out what you need to shop for, because clearly shopping is in the near future after this.

5. Practice New Hairstyles


I have very thick, curly hair. My list of capable hairstyles is pretty slim. I’ve managed to learn new hairstyles by sitting in front of the mirror and figuring out various maneuvers to create some sort of cool look. Maybe practicing new hairstyles can be the best way to figuring out creative ways to make your bedhead look cute and different. Not to mention, if it turns out a mess, no one is around to ever know it existed.

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