What “Trainwreck” Taught Me About Female Empowerment

Romantic comedies always follow the same cliché formula of falling in love and living ever after, but only after going through drama and heartbreak in the process of course.

But what happens when a film depicts the opposite? What if the female is the heartbreaker? What if the female is the independent one, in control of herself and her life? What if the female also doesn’t need a man to complete her? She knows who she is, doesn’t care what people think and doesn’t need anyone to tell her otherwise?


 After watching Amy Schumer’s breakthrough film, “Trainwreck”, I couldn’t help but be completely inspired by the story’s challenge to traditional gender roles in society.

In the film, Amy plays a character, by the same name, living on her own in New York as a writer for a magazine. Aside from work, her life consists of  dating around and refusing to believe in monogamy. She plays the MODERN woman. She doesn’t have a model physique. She’s not shy from stating what she thinks and how she feels. She doesn’t have the “proper, lady like” mannerisms.  If a relationship ends, she doesn’t mope and binge watch “Pretty Woman,” while eating out of a jar of cookie butter. She moves on, goes out and has fun.  She enjoys living her life with no strings attached.

People can be quick to label her character as “trashy,” “slutty,” and “heartless,” but does anyone consider her simply being in charge of who she is?

She knows what she wants and how she likes to live her life. Judgements from others aren’t of any importance. Does this really make her a bad representation of females?

I think the most important thing for any females out there is to embrace who they are! Falling in love is a beautiful thing. Being vulnerable is scary, but can be worth it. But like Amy in the film, regardless of everything she remains strong, confident and independent. This is something everyone should try to promise themselves to be!

In the film, Amy doesn’t need validation from anyone. She learns to define herself through things she goes through, but never strays from the person that she is.

During the film, John Cena and Lebron James play more emotional characters portraying how guys can be just as emotional and invested as females. In contrast, Amy’s character shows that a female can be just as strong and independent as a male.

This film isn’t just your typical “rom-com.” It’s a film that motivates you to live life on your own terms. It teaches you to never be dependent on anyone for your happiness. The most important thing to be in life is to embrace who you are and learn to live not caring what others think! Sure she may have lived her life with people thinking she’s a “Trainwreck,” but ultimately she was simply a “hot mess,” inspiring others to screw the haters and live the life you love.

Thank you Amy Schumer for teaching me that you’re most powerful when you’re yourself.

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  1. Tiff says:

    Really wanna check this out now! Thanks!

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