Bad Day No More

When you have a bad day, it’s something that you hope will easily pass. When you are just having a bad period in life, it seems as if it will never go away and you are destined to live under a dark cloud of doom forever (insert dramatic orchestra music).

There are hard times when you feel that everything that you are is breaking and you even start to question who you are and what your purpose even is anymore. Your thought bubbles turn into:

 Do people truly care about u or are they just pretending to? At the end of the day, who is really going to be there by your side when you need it the most? And for those you believed to be the ones standing beside you no matter what,are they truly the ones you should’ve never let get close to you in the first place?

The most important thing I have learned is to remember to know your worth and believe in yourself. People can hate you, talk bad about you, laugh at you, hurt you and be completely cruel to destroy you, but at the end of it, the sun is still shining, the world is still moving and you’re still living.


It’s hard when life isn’t exactly being what you envisioned it to be, but it’s amazing when you realize that there’s so much more life and adventure to look forward. It may be difficult to see that future, but you have to believe in it. You have to believe that if you work hard enough, good things will fall into a place. Lately there has been a lot of moments where I forgot that. I forgot to have a joy to live a life. Forgot to have adventure. Forgot to put myself first, rather than dedicating my whole heart to others. It’s easy to completely lose yourself in a cruel world when you have a kind heart.

Today a friend showed me a book passage that resonated so much, that I can’t help but want to remind myself of it everyday and encourage you to do the same as well:

We all face the challenge of being happy. We usually do one of two things: We’re either grateful, celebrating the life we have or wishing it were different.

Never apologize for who  you are! Never apologize for living your life with a big heart!  What’s meant to happen will happen and you can only hope that the bad times bring the good you were always meant to experience. It’s hard to always remember those things, but the best thing you can do is try your best.

Just a thought….


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