Time for Vulnerability

As you know, I’m a content creator for the Ashley Tisdale created site, The Haute Mess. Last week we received exciting news that actress Lea Michele would be the guest editor this week, as her journal entitled “You First” is published across the nation. Her journal celebrates yourself as a person and learning to always put yourself first and remember your importance regardless of the circumstances. We were encouraged to write about anything related to that topic and Lea Michele would select articles that she would like to feature as being something to promote her journal with on our site.


The reason I have been semi-MIA from here, social media and maybe life in general is because recently I have endured a breakup. While it’s not the most ideal time in life, it has definitely become an experience that is making me become the person that I am slowly reconstructing as. I can’t say I really know who I am anymore, but I’m learning to enjoy the process as I continue to live my life, see the beauty in it and, most importantly, myself.

Luckily my piece on my breakup experience was selected to be published by Lea Michele! I feel so grateful and humbled, but can’t help but be completely terrifying! It is scary to put yourself out there, not to mention have the whole world know you’re dumped, single and not ready to mingle! But hey, I figured that this is something that is so universal amongst everyone that it’s time I use my position and voice to give something for people to hopefully relate to.

While it’s the first time that I have publicly addressed this, I hope that with my story, others can know that there is light and life on the other side of the darkness. Just know you aren’t alone with trying to find it.


Please check out this article on the site and don’t forget to read all the other amazing posts by talented writers as well! #staystrong #youareloved


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  1. Yvonne says:

    SP!!! Great piece, and it will definitely help a lot of women out there going through this hard time. Stay strong!

    1. Lexy says:

      Thank u! Love u!

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