Escape from Reality

Hey guys, so you want to know what’s really fun?


Do you want to know what you really need in life?

To escape. 

Whether it’s for a whole day or just a part of day, remember to take time for yourself and find some kind of enjoyment.

Before enduring a long day of school and its load of stress ahead of me, my friend and I took the time to go to a top of a mountain and enjoy the view of our home below.

Even though we were up there for just a small part of our day, it allowed me to take a deep breath and just be in that moment. It made me realize that life really isn’t all that bad as it can seem.

Sometimes you have to shun every negative thing and stress going on in your life and find some kind of happiness to overpower it. Whether it’s hiking, getting frozen yogurt, blasting music and dancing around in your room or just spending time with friends  (like I have been focusing A LOT on #girlsquad),


there’s ALWAYS something you could do to help you have something positive in your day and put a smile on your face.

Just a thought….


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