Why having a Girl Squad is better than having a Boyfriend


We all have scrolled through our social media feeds and have seem the overwhelming amount of #relationshipgoals pictures. In fact, we even have our fave celeb couples who we call our #relationshipgoals (Chrissy Tiegen and John Legend, ya’ll are adorable). We have third wheeled’ with our couple friends and wished we could be as happy as they are. We have even watched “The Notebook” a million times and still believe Ryan Gosling will come knocking on our door ready to tell us that he built a house and wants to take us to a lake surrounded by swans (Hey, it could happen!)

While we all have our own #relationshipgoals, who says that we always need that knight in shining armor to come and sweep us off our feet to make us really experience love? Maybe the only thing we really need are people that are going to love you in more ways than you could ever imagine!

Your girlfriends.

While there’s nothing wrong with falling in love, sometimes your girlfriends can be the best boyfriends you’ve ever had! No joke!

Here’s why your girlfriends are better than boyfriends:

  1. They’re always there to tell you when you need to get your shit together and you actually listen
  2. You can text them about anything and everything in emojis and they’ll understand every word
  3. You never have to worry about them not texting you back or taking too long to respond.
  4. They can get breakfast with you anytime during the day with no complaints (Did someone say pancakes at midnight?)
  5. You never have to worry about looking like a hot mess with them, because they understand how leggings, yoga pants and messy buns are life.
  6. Duets and choreographed dance routines are always a go when driving in the car together
  7. When you’re shopping and ask “What do you think?” you can always know they’ll tell you the truth, even when they hate it
  8. They won’t judge you for going to Chipotle after being on the treadmill for five minutes (“You deserved it girl!”)
  9. After a breakup, you can always ugly cry with them, know they’ll be there with a hug and a tub of frozen yogurt in hand.
  10. You never have to hire the FBI, because you know you have the most skilled in social media stalking and can always find shit out (“So on September 4, he liked this a picture with a girl and her puppy. We know she has two sisters, went to Disneyland for her birthday and likes Jay-Z“)
  11. You always have Code names, inside jokes and never care when no one else knows who and what you’re talking about
  12. When you’re sick, they know exactly how to make you feel better (chick flicks, junk food and a box of tissues are always in tow when they come over)
  13. Even if your friends get in relationships, you know deep down that your friendship always comes first, because let’s be real: “Chicks Before Dicks”
  14. They’re always willing to surprise you with little things just because (“I saw this Hot Dog pen and thought you would love it“)
  15. They’re guaranteed to “like” every instagram picture you post (“That picture you posted of your teacup was really cute!”)
  16. You never have to worry about how many girls they’re friends with on social media
  17. They support your belief that Zac Efron, Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling are your soul mates and are already ready for the wedding invitations
  18. You never have to worry about them wanting “space” in your friendship
  19. You know that when they say “Netflix and chill,” you will really watch Netflix and chill (Because why study for midterms when you have to binge watch “Empire?’) 
  20. When they say  “I love you,” you never have any doubts that they truly do and mean it
  21. You know that no matter what they will always be there, because they’ve been around longer than anyone and have your back 100%

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