How to Boho-fy Your Room

Being a free spirit isn’t something that can easily be defined in words, but rather a feeling in your soul. You feel creative, free, artsy, colorful and want to convey that to the  world.

While you can embrace a Boho-Chic style, something fun and more creative can be to” boho-fy” your room!

There’s nothing more fun that decorating your own personal space to truly reflect who you are. You don’t want your room to just be any room, but rather an escape from reality.

Now “Boho-fy” isn’t an actual word, but who says we can’t use our own made-up adjectives? I’ll be waiting for the phone call, Urban Dictionary! You’re welcome!

Now that we have something to describe the act of conveying your creative spirt, here are some tips on how to “boho-fy” your room:

  1. Color, Color and More Color!


I think it’s important thing to ensure that your room isn’t dull and “ordinary.” In order to prevent that, it’s best  to avoid using a conventional scheme of colors. The great thing about decorating your room in a gypsy style, is that NOTHING has to make sense and match perfectly. The more colorful the better! By using all your favorite colors in your decorations, bedspread, art, etc.  your room will look like a living  piece of artwork, with every section covered in a beautiful pop of color. Now go and embrace your inner Monet!

2. Artwork is a must!


Whether you like paintings, photographs, sculptures, etc., there really is no limit into how much art you can and should have.  While you shouldn’t aim to make your room look like a walking museum (You need room to move after all!), but why not add a little artistic appeal to liven up your room with a vintage vibe?

3. All about that Bed


The one thing about your bed is that you shouldn’t make it look like your bed. What about making a dream fort? A mini treehouse escape? A plush futon filled with a bunch of pillows, lights and drapes surrounding it?

Your bed is the focus point on your room, so ensure that your bed is the perfect escape after a long day and the centerpiece of your artistic room.

4. Lights, Candles, Boho Action!

boho-pinelies-stin-krevatokamara-sou boho-pinelies-stin-krevatokamara-sou2

One thing I’ve always found calming to have is lighted candles or decorative lights around your room.  Adding lights can make your room seem like a calming sanctuary or can make you feel like you’re in your own festival tent at Coachella (Because clearly the countdown for Coachella is on #summercomefaster).

The goal is to think outside of the box and play with your imagination when decorating your room! There are no limits when it comes to showing your creativity!

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    1. Lexy says:

      Thank you so much! Glad you liked it 🙂

  1. Many good ideas
    I love this style 🙂

    1. Lexy says:

      Thank you so much! 🙂

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