Getting that Picture Perfect for Instagram


If you’re like me, the Instagram app is ALWAYS open.  As every obsessed Instagrammer knows, it takes like twenty times to finally get that perfect shot. After taking a picture, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is “What filter should I use?”

While Instagram offers a good amount of filters, sometimes duty calls and you gotta go the extra mile to make sure your pictures have that perfect filter and look. Taking pictures is fun, but we all need that great shot to be Instagram-worthy.

Here’s a list of photo filter apps that are a must in order to have that picture perfect Instagram:

1. Afterlight


This app is definitely a must if you want a myriad of options for filters. Offering over 50 filters and 60 textures, the cool thing about this app is the fact that you combine multiple filters on one photo. Need to lighten up the pictures? Use “Captain” filter. Want to make your photo have the auora of a beach? Use “Sailor.” With so many options and only $0.99, this app allows you to create a photo masterpiece and have fun in the process.

2. Color Splash


Want your pictures to stand out? Why not use no filter and color in/take away color on areas of your image as you wish? This gives your pictures a vintage vibe and an artsy touch sure to get those “likes.”



With 10 free filters already included, this app tends to be a fan favorite. Although you have to purchase having access to more filters, this app allows users to adjust everything about their pictures. While the filters are subtle, they make all the difference. It includes complex editing features and makes the process of editing a picture more fun and rewarding to see the finished product. From lighting to temperature, your pictures will sure seem effortless.

4. Snapseed


Snapseed offers a good variety of effects and filters such as black and white filters, vintage-based filters,  textures, vignettes etc. The cool feature with this app is the ability to apply more than one effect over the other, guaranteeing you to get that creative look you want for your picture. Simple to use and free of charge, this app is something worthy of trying out!

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