Food for Thought: Meatless Monday Sandwich


I’m not really sure why, but every Monday I tend to abide by the “Meatless Monday” trend. Ironically whatever I’m eating doesn’t contain any meat and sometimes it’s not such a bad idea to have a break from meat.

After trying this Veggie Sandwich while on a road trip, I couldn’t help to be inspired to be more creative when making a sandwich. While PB & Banana will always be my signature, I figured it’s time to step out of the box and explore unique takes on the classic sandwich.

Today’s sandwich is the perfect Meatless Monday meal, simply because it’s filled with veggies and avocado (A.K.A. the Beyonce of the veggies).

My personal favorite touch is Sweet Potato. Before you start making a face as to how that could be great on a sandwich, I say to give it a try! (You won’t be disappointed!)

Veggie Sandwich:

  • Warm up Sweet Potato patty until Golden Brown.
  • Toast Bread
  • Spread Hummus (Flavor is your preference) onto two slices
  • Mash Sweet Potato patty to spread onto bread slices


  • Spread avocado slices to add another layer


*Note: I added a slice of Daiya Vegan Cheese but whether you prefer cheese or not is up to you! 🙂

The great thing about this veggie sandwich is that it’s filled with vitamins and great for your overall health! There really are no exact directions as to how to make the perfect “Meatless Monday” sandwich, because your veggie/protein choices are to your own liking and choosing.


Have any great sandwich ideas? Feel free to comment below and share your creations 🙂

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