Importance of relaxation

Rather than go out and be the “young, wild, and free” twenty-something year-old that people assume we all are, all I want to do is nap, drink hot tea and read a book. I’m clearly preparing for my 60th birthday.

With finally being able to have time to unwind,  I can’t help but reflect on the blessings life can bring.

I read this article on The Huffington Post and it reminded me how truly important it is to take some time out of your day to relax.


Relaxing allows you to:

Look at your life as a whole.

Live by your own standards.

Put you life in perspective

Uncover your excuses/ reflect on your choices

*** Don’t over think, just live

While I know Summer freedom isn’t going to last forever, I know that regardless of how stressed and chaotic life can be, it’s important to remind myself that I have to take time for myself and see the beauty for what life is.

Taking a breather won’t take too much time out of your day.

Just a thought…


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Musings says:

    Lol – I can totally relate to senioritis and wanting to read, drink coffee and nap. Enjoy every minute of your break, it’ll go by way too fast!

    1. Lexy says:

      haha thanks! I’m glad I’m not alone with that!

  2. Ahhh 🙂 livin isn’t livin unless you’re livin…

  3. Niara Stitt says:

    Is it normal that I have senioritis as a sophomore? Also, I’m constantly looking for the B.A. in Earl Grey and Crocheting haha!

    1. Lexy says:

      LOL I love that! Just own it!

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