Spring Break: Expectations vs. Reality


There’s a common stereotypes that college students “Party it Up” during their Spring Breaks. While the idea is nice, not all of us are lounging on a beach, living our own “Project X” party dreams. No really…

While we all envision what our perfect Spring Breaks would be, we all aren’t able to live an episode of “Laguna Beach.” Quite frankly the reality of Spring Break is far different from what the reality is.

Expectation: Parties, Parties and more Parties


Reality: Spending all day at home, watching Netflix and eating your kitchen pantry


Expectation: Being excited to go out and have adventures everyday 


Reality: Being excited to just sleep all day everyday 


Expectation: Feeling refreshed and ready to kick ass at school 


Reality: Go back and already begging for Summer break 


I’m about to graduate college, hence this will be my final Spring Break in my educational career. While I have always dreamed of living the best week, I found comfort lounging at home and sightseeing in my own hometown. I’ve been getting the Spring Break “high” on potato chips, the gym and spending time with family and friends.

Clearly I’m living that “College Spring Break” Life.

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