Health Nut: Cookie Butter Madness

If you have never stepped foot in a Trader Joe’s, then I feel sad for you.

If you’re completely anti-healthy grocery stores, then you might want to reconsider when I tell you that there is a certain product that Trader Joe’s offers to customers that is Heaven in a jar.

At first bite, all you’ll hear is an orchestra of chirping birds and clapping hands and that you finally found that one piece that’s been missing in your life. You may have even found your soulmate in a jar after all (No joke).

Ever had a Speculoos cookie? Or maybe graham crackers? Do you like peanut butter? Do you like cookie dough? What if I told you that you could combine those cookie dough flavors in the spread of peanut butter? Does the idea make your sweet tooth scream of happiness? Get to a Trader Joe’s right this instant and go buy yourself a jar of Cookie Butter!

Yes, that is correct, COOKIE. FREAKIN. BUTTER.


Now below I added some options that Trader Joe’s has offered to satisfy your impending Cookie Butter craze. I also found some cool recipe ideas that are worthy of being made. Don’t say I didn’t warn you of it’s greatness!

  1. Cookie Butter Baked Oatmeal


As shared on,, there is nothing better than having a yummy sweet treat as a breakfast to jumpstart your day! Taking only 25 minutes to make, this recipe is simple and healthy. Most can say oatmeal can be boring, but with the added sweetness of cookie butter, you’ll become THAT oatmeal person, proudly having your bowl every morning!

Check out the recipe here:

2. Cookie Butter Cookies


When trying to think of what to have cookie butter with, the immediate thought could be cookies (Duh!) Luckily created a simple, 3-ingredient recipe for cookie butter cookies that are to die for! They’ll be so addicting that obviously you must eat them all before the cookie monster comes and beats you to it right? Oh that’s just a children’s character? Oh well…

3. Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies


If you’re like me and are still lazy to make a 3-ingredient recipe, Trader Joe’s has you covered! Luckily they sell Cookie Butter sandwich cookies, making it really hard to not eat the whole box. I may or may not have  done that already (But no one was counting after those “two” cookies #dontjudgeme).

4. Cookie Butter Ice Cream


I mean what’s better than a spoon in hand, movie marathon with your girls as you ugly cry during Titanic?  We’ll jump with you Jack, as long as we can take this ice cream with us!

5. Cookie Butter Cream Cheese


Spread this on a yummy bagel in the morning and you have yourself a quick breakfast. I mean your carb best friend called butter will understand if you have to cheat on it for a while.

6. Cookie Butter Cheesecake


I mean let’s just convince ourselves eating small bites can prevent us from eating a whole sized cheesecake.

7. Cookie Butter Cocoa Swirl, Cookies and Cream and Pumpkin Pie

img_9362 CB1-770x513

As if we needed more options!

Trader Joe’s you the real MVP!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. choconutmeg says:

    The cookie butter and cream cheese seems delicious! I live in Canada, but I am going to ask my partner’s mother to bring me some when she visits!

    1. Lexy says:

      Cookie butter honestly will change your life! It’s so delicious! Once you start trying it, you won’t be able to stop! haha

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