Why I won’t buy books on Amazon


Call me old-fashioned, but I actually like going to a bookstore.

In today’s society, the online world is dominating physical businesses. Online print is being favored over newspapers. Online shopping is preferred than going to a mall. Amazon has become the new go-to bookstore, rather than Barnes and Noble.

While anything online can be more convenient, I still refuse to purchase any book on Amazon.

Now before I hear an uproar from you Amazon Primers, please just hear me out.

I believe that going to a bookstore is relaxing, enjoyable and fun. You have a space where you’re surrounded by other book lovers. You are surrounded by both old and new books. You can glance at each cover, open it and read to your liking.  You can easily purchase it without the risk of putting your credit card information online. You have the opportunity to have one-on-one conversation about books you love and books you can discover.

Growing up, my parents always took me to bookstores to encourage me to read and enjoy it. A genuine love for reading was built and being a bookworm is something that I am proud to be.

But if everyone just purchases books online, what is going to happen to future generations?

It will be encouraged even more for young children to focus their attention on being online. They should be actually present in the real world rather than always having their attention on a digital screen. Amazon doesn’t promote a love for reading, but rather instills consumerism.

One of the biggest arguments is that Amazon offers cheaper prices. Are books cheaper? Yes. Is it more convenient? Yes. But that doesn’t mean it’s right. Their low prices and fast shipping may be great, but that’s all the site has to offer.

What people don’t know is that bookstores have prices that not only represent the cost of the book, but the labor of making the books and to support their publishers and authors. Would it be right to sell a book at a cheap price, when an author endured a great amount of hard work writing it? It’s almost a slap in the face to say that their hard work is only worth a mere five dollars.

Unlike bookstores, Amazon does nothing to genuinely promote books either. They simply prioritize numbers, sales and figures. Do you not feel pressured to get an Amazon Prime for the sake of getting your purchases faster? Why do you need another bill just to have a box on your front porch? Don’t be lazy! There’s nothing wrong with stepping foot outside of your home and doing things on your own.

Another fact that is overlooked is that Amazon is destroying independent retailers.They offer dirt cheap prices that no retailers can match as a means of dominating businesses. While the idea is nice, Amazon loses money each year because of that. They are not a true profitable business.

It has also just been announced that they will be opening a retail store in the San Diego UTC mall. The more people that shop in this store, the more the extinction of independent businesses will come true. People don’t consider the thousands of people that have job security in bookstores.

I know that Amazon may seem like the Disneyland of bookstores, but don’t let it succeed in taking away any bookstore that we have, jobs for others and instilling a passing for reading.

Fight the “Prime!”


4 Comments Add yours

  1. C.L.H. says:

    I agree – it’s also really difficult to browse books on Amazon. I find I have to know exactly what I’m looking for, I can’t just “have a look” like I can in a bookshop.

    1. Lexy says:

      Exactly! Glad you feel the same 🙂

  2. Anna Maria Petrova says:

    That is so true, and I also love to go to the bookstore and buy a book. Just being around that atmosphere just like when going to the library is awesome 😊

  3. I totally agree! Great post 🙂

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