Why Coloring is the New Therapy


Remember when we were little kids and wanted to spend our days doing nothing, but color? We would have our buckets of crayons and colored pencils besides us 24/7. We would think every picture we colored was a straight-masterpiece, yet looking at it now, you see that you had a strange eye for color coordination.

Well, as of late, our childhood dreams have come true! It seems as if coloring books have become the new cultural fan frenzy as they are now the top-selling books in bookstores! No joke.

Coloring clubs have even been featured on the news as they reveal that coloring is the new stress reliever and the best way to find calmness throughout their day. Where you can sign up for these, I have no idea. But I’m still waiting on my invitation to this secret/ not so secret society

Walk into your local bookstore and all you’ll see are coloring books. Color gardens, animals, mandalas, Harry Potter and even Ryan Gosling (I know what you’re thinking “Umm no. freaking. way!”).

Now there’s nothing wrong with walking into a bookstore and leaving with a coloring book. Not to mention that it’s not for any child, but rather for yourself.

Aside from being a fun activity, it has been found that coloring books offer a good amount of health benefits!

Research has found that Coloring Books:

  • Help de-stress
  • Offer meditation 
  • Reduce anxiety 
  • Encourages creativity 
  • Creates focus 
  • Allows you to embrace a sense of youth 

Now if that’s not enough to convince you that you should probably break out that box of art supplies, I’m not sure what is!

Now if you don’t mind me, I’m going to go color me some Ryan Gosling. Now THIS is a masterpiece 🙂


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  1. lexilife says:

    Amen! I have two joanna basford colouring books and I treasure them! x


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