Why “The Good Girl” label needs to stop


If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I’ve always been labeled as “The Good Girl.” Now being labeled as that, for as long as I can remember, has its’ benefits and consequences.

At first thought, you may be thinking, “Umm what’s wrong with being a good girl?”

Of course my immediate response is, “NOTHING!”

While that may be my answer now, it has been something I’ve had to truly believe and accept as I’ve grown older. I’ve never been the “cool girl,” the “sporty girl,” the “guy magnet,” or the “most likely to be famous” girl. I’ve always been the awkward, quirky girl that everyone always labels as “good.”

Although I love being considered a good girl now, I grew up insecure with that label for sometimes having a positive opinion on that label is not always shared amongst others.

Unfortunately in today’s stigmatized society, being labeled as a “Good Girl” has generated other negative stereotypes.

Once someone calls you a “Good girl,” you’re  automatically a “Goody Two Shoes,” “Mother Theresa,” “Innocent,” “a Virgin,” and the dreaded “Aw she’s adorable” (Umm I’m 23, not 12 in case you were wondering).

You’re the girl guys hope to marry someday, yet never want to date because they aren’t ready for THAT kind of girl yet.

You’re the girl everyone gets along with, yet you still don’t have that Taylor Swift-esque squad that people think you do.

You’re the one everyone wants to be like, yet you struggle with insecurities and don’t understand why others can’t see that .

You’re “perfect,” but you want to rebel sometimes and not feel guilty about it.

You’re seen as different, but you feel like you’re just normal.

You’re the “good girl,” but want to just be seen as “You.”

As odd as it may sound, being labeled as a good girl can bring an overwhelming amount of pressure and stress for someone. You constantly feel as if you have to uphold this positive image that everyone has created of you.

You don’t want to disappoint people and can’t help but feel imprisoned. You are in a battle between being the person you want to be, know you are and the person people think you are.

Being a good girl is great, but only if its’ positive light isn’t blurred by constant monitoring.

I don’t get hammered all the time. I don’t date around and hook up with random guys. I don’t wear tight revealing clothing. I would rather spend a night playing board games  than partying it up in the clubs. If all this makes me boring, than so be it.

Being a good girl isn’t something anyone should be ashamed of. It should be something that should be embraced.

The insecurities will always be there; they’re something I deal with everyday. But I’m learning that I can’t pretend to be something I’m not just to have more friends, get guys to like me or be the “cool girl.”

I trip every single day.  I laugh at jokes that aren’t even funny. I have dance parties in my car everyday. I blank and freeze every time I’m around a crush. I probably eat more than I should. I still own every stuffed animal with joy. I still believe that Zac Efron is my soulmate and I’m just waiting for him to figure that out.  Lizzie McGuire is still my spirit animal.

But I’m not ashamed of any of that, because all of that is what makes me who I am. I may be a “good girl” to some, but to me I’m just myself. And that’s really all we should be seen as.


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  1. Anna Maria Petrova says:

    That is so true, a person should just be themselves and not someone they are not. I love this post and Lizzy McGuire.

  2. Oh my God… There is so much of me on this post. I’m the “good girl” too and I hate this cuz I always feel like I can’t do anything wrong that people are gonna judge me (actually it happens all the time). I meant it’s good to be seeing as a responsable person and other things but I’m a human being and sometimes I do wrong things and this is life… So people need to understand it and get it.

    1. Lexy says:

      Thank you so much for understanding! Hopefully this shows that you aren’t alone! Thanks for reading! Hope you stay tuned for more 🙂

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