Health Nut: Alternatives to the Gym


There was time when I considered myself a gym rat. I couldn’t work out any other way. I needed to go to the weight area. I needed to try every machine. My cardio rested on the Elliptical machine located in the right corner of the building by the window (Yes, I had my own spot).

For some reason, I’ve become bored of the gym (*gasp*). It’s not that I don’t feel as if I’m getting a good enough workout, but rather yearn for being outdoors and exploring different ways to get in shape.

I no longer want to be surrounded by heavy breathing and a stare down from sweat drenched faces (You know, the look that says”I’m working out harder than you bitch”).

While I don’t mind working out at my gym every once in awhile, I try to figure out fun workouts to do outside. So far, the results are as follows:

Power Walking (with my dogs) 


I’m not a runner. I hate running. I don’t foresee myself running. I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way I will run is if it’s a race for a free stack of pancakes.

Now power walking is something I’m good at. I can move my little legs at turbo speed and know I’m getting a workout without gasping for air.

Luckily, I have two energetic dogs ready to drag me out of the house and take them for a walk. There’s nothing better than enjoying the outdoors, watching my dogs find great joy in things I normally take for granted (e.g., seeing birds fly by).


I’ve lived in the same house my whole life, yet I never considered using the stairs on the side of my house as a workout location. Thanks to Pinterest, there are a myriad of difficult workouts to try and all you need is a flight of stairs. Be careful, because any workout on the stairs is bound to cause an ocean of sweat.

Beach Workout

Any workout in the sand is rather difficult. There’s nothing better than doing a workout routine while having a nice view of the water to look at.


You can call me weird, but I find it important to have “tune time” everyday. It’s the moment when I blast my favorite songs and just dance around and have fun. It may seem goofy, but in all honesty, dancing around is a workout in itself. You’re being active, but you’re having fun in the process.

Commercial Break Workout

When I’m choosing to be a couch potato for the day, I still try to do something during each commercial break. Whether its squats, lunges, burpees, push-ups, etc. there’s always something you can do during that short commercial break. It’s also important to never blame having a show recorded for the reason you don’t have to do anything. I purposely let the commercials keep running, so I can engage in some kind of strength exercise. I may not be sweating it up in the gym, but I am doing something to stay active in the comfort of my own home.



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