Feng Shui Your Mind to Confidence


Are there ever times where you feel that you are a Pumpkin amongst Cinderellas of the world? You feel average, hopeless and just not “cool” enough?


Do you ever wish you were one of those trendy girls on Instagram seeming to live fabulous lives, while you’re struggling with paying rent, passing your classes and figuring out what the next TV tray dinner will be?

In today’s society, it can be easy to lose yourself in the glitz and glam of what is considered “beautiful,” “cool,” and “liked.”  It can be common to feel as if you aren’t good enough and will never make it in life, because you fail to be that “image,” have that dream job, perfect relationship, popularity and acceptance amongst your peers. You want to be powerful and successful like Beyonce, but what if you don’t always wake up in the morning feeling and looking flawless?


You want to be that triple threat that can act, sing and dance, but what if you can’t carry a tune or bust a move like you are on So You Think You Can Dance?

Do you want to make it somewhere in life, but still get confused and lost when Siri is guiding you to the nearest Target? (I don’t know about you, but following and giving directions is not in my expertise).

It can be easy for us to compare ourselves to everyone and bow down to our insecurities and discouragement we feel. It’s important  to forget all the insecurities, negativity and change your perspective on how you see your life!

What would happen if we woke up in the morning believing we feel awesome rather than worrying about looking pretty?

What if we looked in the mirror and believed we were strong and fierce, rather than see an insecure person failing to believe in themselves?

What would happen if we baked a bunch of cookies and burned them all, then went to the store to buy some to claim as our own?

What if our Instagram posts are dedicated to showing how cute our pets are, rather than how cute our makeup is for the day?

I think it’s important to remember that while it’s great to have dreams to live that kind of lavish life we envision, we can’t discourage ourselves in the process.


Own being that girl that trips and falls everyday without even trying!

Own being that girl that would rather stay in and watch Netflix, then head out to the hottest parties downtown!

Be that girl who shows confidence in who she is, rather than change everything about yourself to be what you think would be a better version of yourself!

You may be a mess at times.

You may have your ‘hangry” moments.

You may ugly cry during The Notebook. 


You may even still cuddle with your stuffed animals every night.

You may still struggle with doing a single push-up.


BUT as long as you’re being you, what else matters? Show the world that the most powerful thing you can be and do is to be yourself. Now that is being flawless!

Just a thought…. 


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