What every Heartbroken Girl Wants You to Know


When you go through heartbreak, it feels like the end of the world. You hurt, life hurts and soon your life becomes a sad Taylor Swift song. While the sadness seems to never go away, eventually it does (surprise!).

*Side note: It really is irritating, when everyone that told you that you would get over it in time was in fact right. Congratulations you life experts, now can you please tell me when I will win the lottery and be right about that? That would be great, thanks!

*Back to the deep thought bubble*

The sadness, tissue boxes and depressing playlists stop playing on repeat. Although you move on and start to live life happily again, the reality is that that hurt will never leave you. You are internally scarred, despite successfully being able to display a happy demeanor on the outside.

You can’t help but live life in fear. Will you get attached to someone who will just shatter you to pieces again? Do you even risk the idea of falling in love again? Do you try to give a guy your number and see what happens? Do you sign up for the new season of “The Bachelor” and see where it goes from there?

What do you do now that you are emotionally changed for life? What do you do when every optimism you had about love was demolished by some loser who did everything in his power to convince you that is what love in fact is?

After a breakup, you need time to heal, reevaluate things and transition into a new person; one that is smarter, experienced and more prepared for any possible emotional turmoil.

When you finally decide to reenter the dating scene again, it can be worrisome when you realize that you’re not going to be that same person you once were before and hold fear that any interested person will see the scars you internally keep hidden in a locked chamber.

To anyone who is interested in someone and doesn’t understand why they may be a little less open to anything and everything of love, here’s what you should know about liking someone who had their heart broken….

We will be guarded

We aren’t going to be as open as we used to be. We aren’t going to tell you everything and anything about our personal lives, not because we don’t want to tell you, but because we don’t know if you’ll still walk away knowing all that.

Fear never goes away

We’re always going to be scared to fall in love again, but if we’re here on a date with you, we want to try diving into a new path with you. We’re scared, but we won’t easily give up and push you away. We just had exes that made us forever doubt the true intentions and motives of another. Blame those assholes.

It’s difficult for us to trust

There was once a time when we put all our trust in someone who took advantage of it and made us feel stupid for ever giving it away in the first place. Now we have walls and it was never our choice to have them. While it can be a process, we aren’t going to think you’re just like that person. We know you’re someone different.

We will be willing, but cautious

We’ll go do the fun things you plan for us to do. We’ll talk about things and answer anything you ask us. We’ll start this journey with you, but protecting our heart in the process. Please understand that.

Be patient

Please don’t give up on us like they did. We promise we won’t give up on you, no matter how scared we are.

If we let you in, we think this is real

Congratulations! Our walls have come down and know that we just don’t let anyone in. You stayed with us through the good and the bad and for that we are thankful to have found someone like you. If we give you our open heart, please don’t throw it away. We want you to have it. We won’t break your heart.

We want love, regardless of how much we try to convince ourselves we don’t. 

We have a lot of love left to give, but we just want to make sure you’re the right person who will actually deserve it this time. If you take a chance on us, we’ll take a chance on you. We promise.

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