Selena Gomez’s Best Style Moments

I’m not sure what it is, but for some reason Selena Gomez has  the closet I would love to raid. Over the years she has transformed and endured her dubbed “revival,” but her style game has become one of the best in the business! In honor of Selena Gomez’s 24th birthday today, we’re breaking down her recent top fashion moments… well that we think anyway!

2016 Met Gala 


Sometimes it’s all in the simplicity. Edgy, chic and sleek, she turned heads without dressing over the top.

2016 Grammy’s 

If Cinderella’s dress was designed in a darker, modern version…


Marie Claire Cover Shoot 


Forever one of my fave dresses. The color is gorgeous, but the charms/bedazzlements add another element to this dress.

Grocery Shopping Trip


Shirt Dress+ Short Shorts+ Combat Boots prove that even the most casual outfit can make a grocery shopping trip look like a fashion forward photo shoot.

Paris Fashion Week

Remember when we watched The OC to see how Marissa Cooper would style her denim skirts this time? Selena proved that even your go-to beach wear can be worn in a fashion forward look.


Leaving BBC 1 Radio



While the color alone is vibrant enough to stand out, the bedazzled embroidery is what makes this coat so chic and unique.

Filming the Verizon Commercial


IF only we all looked this glamourously walking down the sidewalk in NYC…

Enjoying a Night out 


This dress is sexy without losing a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Louis Vuitton Fashion Show 


This dress has always been one of my favorite outfits she has worn. It’s chic, edgy and Louis Vuitton. No need to say more!

Las Vegas Appearance


If you wanted to wear something that resembles a night gown but in the sexiest way possible, this is it. The shoes are a fun touch too! 

Revival Tour 


This may be an outfit solely for her Revival Tour, but you gotta admit, she owns this body suit. Now if we could only have her body for this Summer to prove we did work out hard enough in the gym…
Happy birthday Selena! Can’t wait to see the millions of outfits you’ll wear next that will leave us so envious! 

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