Top 5 Favorite Carpool Karaokes

Happy Birthday James Corden, AKA: Our favorite Late Night Host that exists at 12:37 am everyday.

While there are a myriad of jokes that we still laugh about to this day, Corden is known for his distinguished Carpool Karaokes with some of the hottest stars in Hollywood.

Even though we’re having our fingers crossed for a bunch more (Can the Britney one come sooner), here’s our favorite Carpool Karaokes to date thus far:


I mean who doesn’t love seeing Adele rap to “Monster” and the Spice Girls?


One Direction

Even though we can’t get NSYNC to be the dubbed “Carpool Boyband,” this karaoke will definitely suffice. Can we make it a drinking game as to how many times Harry Styles puts his hand through his hair?


Justin Bieber (Volume 2) 

Even though I loved Bieb’s original carpool debut, I found myself laughing more with Part 2.


Selena Gomez

I’m sure you already know, Selena is definitely a Good Girl Diaries Girl Crush. Watching her go on a roller coaster, chug a shot of ginger and proudly eat McDonald’s, it’s safe to say we want to be best friends with her.


Jennifer Lopez 

She not only has the moves to make any car ride fun, but can text Leonardo DiCaprio anytime she wants. Need we say more?

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