10 Reasons Why Britney Spears is Still a Boss Babe

  1. Hit Song After the Next 


With 8 albums, is there not one Britney Song that we can’t name? From “Hit Me Baby One More Time” to “Slave 4 U,” Britney has the most catchy songs that get stuck in everyone’s head.

2.  THAT Bod


With her rock solid abs and “bum-bastic” booty, Britney is the definition of #bodygoals.

3. Her Style


Whether she’s gracing the stage at the VMA’s or performing in her successful Vegas “Piece of Me” Show, she always owns the bedazzled and sexy outfits she wears. We’re pretty sure she can wear jeans and t-shirt and make it look like the sexiest thing. Oh wait she’s done that already?

4. She has made Pop Culture history


From performing with a snake to kissing Madonna in front of millions, Britney has made so bold moves in Hollywood that will always be remembered.

5. She’s a dedicated full-time Mom


While she’s been on the scene since she was 15, nothing means more to her than her kids. Regardless of her busy schedule, Britney always ensures her and her kids are having the best family time. Oh and one can only hope that after we can look like this while being a full-time Mom.

6. She went through shit and came out stronger


We all know 2007 wasn’t the best year for our Pop Princess, but her star never fell. Today she is still dominating the charts, has a hit Vegas residency, happy family life and looks the happiest she’s been. Safe to say she’s “stronger than yesterday” (get it?)

She Stays Loyal to Her Southern Roots


After the recent horrific flooding in Louisiana (her home state), Britney actively teamed up with Red Cross and fundraising website Crowd Rise  to raise funds for the victims.

She Still Has Love for Justin.. 


In a recent interview, Britney expressed interest to collaborate with her then beau. The best part? Justin is totally down as well! Can we just pretend our fairytale fantasies from the 90’s will come true with these two joining forces?

Her Signature Sound


While she’s known for her killer bod and choreography, Britney has the most distinctive voice in the music industry.

Umm… it’s Britney Bitch!


Need we say more?

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