Book Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


After reading the entire Potter series, I was excited to dive into a brand new one. The only way I can describe this book is that this story is cute. Not amazing, but cute.

First things first, don’t expect to open this book and read it like a chapter book. It is a screenplay. It is written in large letters on the front cover. If you still couldn’t comprehend that, then that’s your issue. I always find reading screenplays fun. It’s basically reading a movie, but you get to imagine it all in your head.

While reading it became clear to me that this is a story that you know is written for the purpose of being a play. You can’t expect it to be as amazing and groundbreaking as the original Potter books. Those books told a story that was meant to end the way they did. At times, it seemed as if this story was unnecessary (the whole “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” type of thing).

Of course it was nice to see what the beloved characters are up to years later and how they can still have that piece of history with them. I absolutely fell in love with Malfoy’s son! He’s someone that I felt more emotion for than Harry’s son, Albus. It was cute to see their respected relationships with each other and how strong of a bond they still have years later.

Would I tell a Potter fan to read this? Yes. But I would also advise Potter fans to refrain from having high expectations and just enjoy the story for what it is. I would definitely love to see the play! I think if people saw the play they would have different feelings towards reading the book

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nena says:

    Very interesting to read a screenplay:) Maybe I will give that a shot.

    1. Lexy says:

      Hope you like it!

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